Busted! Don’t Believe These Myths About Photography!

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There is so much said about the photography industry today that even professional photographers have started to accept false statements to be the truth. At one point in time, even you may have fallen for one or more of these myths and misbeliefs. 

As an experienced photographer in Newmarket, ON, I want to set the record straight and help you maximize your potential as a photographer. To ensure you achieve the same, Images by Robert has dispelled three of the most widely believed myths about photography. 

Myth 1: Cloudy and rainy days are not good for photography.
Subjects such as landscapes, clouds, flowers, and portraits are some of the best to photograph on overcast days. The reason overcast days work so nicely is due to the lack of shadows and contrast. Without the sun’s blazing bright rays, you don’t have to worry about harsh shadows casting over or darkening the subject you are trying to photograph.

Myth 2: You need an expensive camera.
Although an expensive camera makes it easier and greatly increases your likelihood of capturing breathtaking photos, it is not necessary. You can make the most of any camera by adjusting settings and learning everything you can about the tips and tricks to your specific camera. Many cameras will have limitations on what they are capable of producing, but you can still take great photos with your current camera.

Myth 3: Being a photographer is easy.
Taking a picture is easy; however, being a photographer is most definitely not. Anyone can press the shutter, but capturing truly appealing images requires quite a lot of experience, skill, and dedication. The complexity of photography might be something that only photographers realize, as its challenges usually go unnoticed to the untrained eye.

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